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If you found your way here, this is a calling like no other. Everyone who rises bravely to seek universal truth is profoundly moved and triggered to do their own personal research on a variety of subjects.

There is no return to darkness once Charlie Freak resonates with you. It is a maga & mega soul reunion. You will immediately have an inner knowing that his word is sacred and he is calling on each individual to rise and better themselves, to “Do the Work” (raw alkaline) daily and “Once you know better, you do better” as his wife and life partner, Colleen, reminds us of on many occasions. She has soothed many distraught listeners as world events unfolded in 2020 and 2021. Their combined urge to return to being “Mankind” – the Kind Man- enthralls the listener. Charlie and Colleen are the lighthouses on a world scale and have a grand following in nations worldwide.

All of organized society has been set up to keep you forever entrapped. Our controlled programming and thoughts, our dis-ease or health ailments, our false celebrity idols, our separation from God- all have been orchestrated by a small group of individuals running the show.   We pray that the curtain is closing now and we need to know… how did this all happen and why?  How did we allow ego and wretchedness to rule us all simultaneously? Charlie & Colleen provide that clarity.

No topic is kept under cover: they go deep diving into the Cabal, FreeMasons, President Trump and JFK Jr., John Galted individuals, Q Decoding, The Vatican horrors, the benefit of the Alkaline lifestyle and our Pineal gland, proper explanations of our beloved Bible, decoding Rock n’ Roll classics and even World War II and Hitler.

Charlie Freak is unapologetic for his straightforwardness and challenges us all to fight our ego every morning. A “Victim no more” mentality forms as you grow with each golden nugget shared in each video. 

“Everything in organized society is a lie.  Are you ready for some truth?

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